Meet 2022 SVA Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Steven Uccello

The MFA Photography, Video and Related Media graduate was recognized for his photography and sculpture thesis project, ‘Memento Vitae’

November 15, 2022
A horizontal triptych grid of three high contrast, black-and-white, macro images of Uccello’s hands physically manipulating his flesh in a forceful manner. Images are captured with a full spectrum camera equipped with an 850 nanometer wavelength high-pass filter. The imaging process reveals aberrations on the surface of the skin such as: stretch marks, pock marks, pores, and hair follicles. The lighting is at a grazing angle to the surface of the body causing areas of skin to drop into complete shadow.

Steven Uccello, My Hand & Flesh (Triptych View), 2022.

Credit: Steven Uccello