New Animators, Artists and Filmmakers to Watch: ‘SVA Premieres’ Returns to Hollywood
May 17, 2017
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An advertisement stating "SVA Premieres: A school of visual arts showcase. Featuring new graduates of animation, film and VFX. June 1, 2017; Hollywood CA."

SVA will return to Hollywood June 1 to present SVA Premieres, the College’s annual film and animation showcase, at The Academy’s Linwood Dunn Theater at the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study in Los Angeles. SVA Premieres will feature a curated selection of works by talented, recently graduated filmmakers from SVA’s film, animation and visual effects programs who represent a diverse and global range of viewpoints and artistry. The selected group of artists will be present to meet the event’s audience of industry professionals.

SVA Premieres will kick off with a 30-minute spotlight on animation starting at 7:00pm. The main program, starting at 8:00pm, will feature the best film and animation projects from nine different programs at SVA. This 90-minute presentation will highlight exemplary, emerging talent through work that runs the gamut of cinematic storytelling forms including live-action narrative and documentary films to traditional hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, computer-generated 3D and visual effects (full program/list of films below).

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A still from Under Your Spell by Mikey Asanin, screening during the main program.

During the evening, audience members will be able to experience two distinct exploratory games as VR experiences from computer art students in the theater’s lobby.

To further the mission of introducing the next wave of artists and filmmakers to the industry, the newly minted graduates will visit local studios, including Disney TV, Titmouse, 6 Point Harness, NBC Universal, Buzzfeed and Deutsch to connect with professionals and fellow SVA alumni who work at the forefront of the film and animation industries.

SVA alumni have been featured in film festivals across the globe, steering their own projects and making integral contributions to blockbuster releases. They have won Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes and awards at festivals such as Sundance, SXSW and Venice. Filmmakers and artists as diverse as Craig Gillespie, Yvette Kaplan, Lynn Shelton and Tom Sito, as well as Crystal Moselle (The Wolfpack), Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game, Passengers), and Ti West (The House of the Devil) have all studied at SVA.

Animation Corner (7:00pm) films include:

Flipped Out by Jae Bae, MFA Computer Art

The Heist by Branko Kljajic, BFA Animation

I Want You So Bad by Cici Mengxi Zhou, MFA Computer Art

The Novice by Alejandra Alvarez & Courtney Scriven, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Pas D’Yeux by Thao Dan Nguyen Phan, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Playground Warfare by Christin Scarborough, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

To Be Fiona by Fiona Lu, BFA Animation

Verge by Chingtien Chu, MFA Computer Art

Best of 2017 Screening (8:00pm) films include:

The Astronomical, Astrological and Mythological (excerpt) by Kijin Jang, MFA Photography, Video and Related Media

The Disappeared by Alejandro Cortes, BFA Film

Dykes, Camera, Action! (excerpt) by Caroline Berler, MFA Social Documentary

Fishy by Joseph Sulsenti, BFA Animation

KCLOC by Ninaad Kulkarni, MFA Computer Art

Professional Cuddler by Mika Orr, MPS Directing

Raven by Wonsuk Choi, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Under Your Spell by Mikey Asanin, MPS Fashion Photography

Untitled by Fuzhong Yang, BFA Photography and Video

Virtual Reality experiences include:

Continuum by Chi Su, MFA Computer Art

Maya by Benjamin Cone, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

For more information about SVA Premieres, or if you’re interested in attending, contact