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New Year’s Resolutions: The SVA Community Resolves to See Change in 2021
January 8, 2021
An illustration of two flowers, one red and one blue, together in a purple vase on which is written "Hope for 2021." "A Peaceful Transition" is written at the top of the illustration.

Illustration by Debbie Millman (chair, MPS Branding).

Arbitrary though it may be, the start of each new year brings with it an opportunity for renewal and optimism—even during the most challenging times. As in years past, we marked the start of a new calendar and semester by asking School of Visual Arts faculty, department chairs and staff members about their plans and hopes for the future. Below is a selection of SVA community resolutions for the coming year.

“I aspire to authentically listen to and support my family, friends, colleagues and students by decentering myself. But for myself, I’d like to get more sleep and play with dogs!”

Cathy Rosamond, MA/MAT Art Education chair

“We need to focus on the good and learn from the bad as we go forward.”

Dr. Carol Bentel, BFA Interior Design: Built Environments chair

“1) To drink more water and to take more breaths. 2) To only mansplain to men, not to women. 3) To spend more time outside. 4) To make more messes with my art. 5) To expand my kitchen repertoire to more than five recipes.”

Stephen Savage (MFA 1996 Illustration as Visual Essay), BFA Illustration faculty member

“I am breaking up with my best friend this past year ... my refrigerator. We have been much too close ... Going to try for six feet apart!”

Val Sereno, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT, MPS Art Therapy special programs and projects coordinator and faculty member

“My resolution is to establish the foundations of a history of exhibitions at SVA. 2021 marks my thirtieth year at SVA—the second, much fuller half of SVA’s 60-odd years of mounting shows. I feel that it is both a duty and privilege to begin tracing the arc of this aspect of the SVA story.”

Francis Di Tommaso, director of SVA Galleries

“Read more books, and keep this resolution past the month of March!”

Adam Krumm, assistant director of SVA Residence Life

“I took up running in 2020 and I rode my bike over 1,300 miles in all five boroughs, so my New Year’s resolution is to keep up these exercise habits. They get me out of the house, relieve stress, and I never regret doing them!”

Phoebe Stein, digital services librarian, SVA Library

A photograph of a person cooking outdoors in the cold with an umbrella shielding the food.

“During the recent holidays we went to the Adirondacks and in the rain cooked our meal. My son needed some protection from the rain. SVA was there to protect both him and our food!” Dr. Carol Bentel, chair of BFA Interior Design: Built Environments, shares an image of one of her winter recess highlights.

“To not watch the news for longer than an hour per day!”

Adam Natale, director of SVA Theatre

“For 2021, my new year’s resolution is to be braver about taking care of myself medically. This is a personal goal and one I look forward to helping me grow as a person.”

Maria Rovira-McCune, associate director of SVA Student Affairs

Instead of making a traditional resolution, Debbie Millman, chair of MPS Branding, decided to illustrate her hopes for 2021; her “A Peaceful Transition” illustration appears above and an accompanying post from her Instagram account is below.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Tweet them to @SVA_News and let us know. Here’s to a terrific, inspiring year—and semester. Stay safe and healthy!