Starting Frank, Honest and Unpretentious Conversations About Art
October 25, 2016 by Ken Switzer
Three men having a discussion.
SVA Features: Starting Frank, Honest and Unpretentious Conversations About Art
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Those in search of frank, honest, unpretentious conversations about the current art world should get to know artist Gustave Blache III (MFA 2000 Illustration as Visual Essay) and photographer Kareem Black (BFA 1999 Photography). In the impressive pilot episode for their show Blache & Black on Art (watch above), which was produced by BRIC Arts Media and recently premiered on BRIC TV, a Brooklyn-focused cable and digital network, the duo have candid chats with renowned painter and sculpture Radcliffe Bailey and internationally known street art muralist and toy designer (and former SVA student) Tristan Eaton and the results are both entertaining and illuminating.

“The show is an opportunity for Kareem and I to introduce the public to the art world we know,” said Blache. “We would like to make the conversation around art more approachable and less intimidating for people interested in art but tentative about entering the dialogue.”

Not only are Blache and Black natural hosts, they’re also well qualified to offer their insights and opinions: Blache has three paintings in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection (watch a video about the third one here) and Black has photographed everyone from Aziz Ansari to Leonardo DiCaprio.

For more information about BRIC TV, click here.