SVA Cribs: Take a Look Inside the Ludlow Residence [Video]
July 17, 2019 by Danielle Peters
Video still of MFA Art Writing student Sahar Khraibani
SVA Features: SVA Cribs: Ludlow Residence
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SVA’s residence halls allow students to live safely in Manhattan among fellow aspiring artists, while expanding their horizons and furthering their creative education. Up next on our SVA Cribs tour—following spotlights on the 23rd Street Residence and 24th Street Residence—is the Ludlow Residence, where MFA Art Writing student Sahar Khraibani lives comfortably on the 15th floor.

Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, the Ludlow Residence is surrounded by the city’s vibrant nightlife, the newest restaurants and dozens of galleries. “There is just so much to do, and so much to explore around here,” Khraibani explained. “It just opens you up to things you [may not have] experienced before.” Not only is the residence hall near all the fun hotspots, but it is also conveniently located a block away from the subway and bus, making it a quick ten-minute ride from the College. “We get a Ludlow monthly free MetroCard, which is really a blessing,” Khraibani says.

In such a prime and active location, Khraibani finds a sense of peace in her suite-style single room, where she decorates it with all the things that she loves. “[The room] is a reflection of me, my state of mind and the things I like. The space works for me as a little safe haven.” As with anyone, there is always that one essential aspect that makes a room really feel like home, and for Khraibani, it is her books. “I can let go of everything, but I cannot let go of my books,” she said. From the comfortable space she’s crafted for herself, to its bustling surroundings, all in all, Khraibani enjoys everything that the Ludlow Residence has to offer.

The Ludlow Residence houses both undergraduate and graduate students, and offers suite-style single and double rooms with adjoined bathrooms. The high-rise building in an otherwise low-rise part of town means many of the rooms have killer city views. An outdoor terrace boasts a grill and plenty of tables to gather with friends and watch the sunset over Manhattan. And a community room has foosball, pool tables, and a TV lounge. Trains and buses are nearby—and SVA throws in a monthly MetroCard.

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