SVA Cribs: Take A Peek At The Ludlow & 24th Street Residence
May 04, 2018 by Sheilah Ledwidge
two women in a dormitory smiling and talking with each other
Very decorative apartment with a young man at a desk with his computer.

A string of ping-pong balls over ordinary Christmas lights creates a warm diffuse glow, next to a grid of postcards of art by SVA students. A tiny brain embroidery in an oval frame by Christine Carone occupies the wall at top left. Photo by Sam Morgan.

Finding a place to live, and one of comfort and security, can be a daunting task and big deal for students making their first trek away from home to college. At SVA, we've got housing options: the Gramercy Women's residence, the 23rd Street Residence and the Ludlow and 24th Street Residence.

In this spring's SVA Style magazine, we took a look at the Ludlow and 24th Street Residence via two different students at the opposite ends of their college education.

Ludlow Residence
Senior Andrew McGuire (BFA Film, fourth-year student) is concentrating on screenwriting. He’s filled his single room at the Ludlow Residence with still lives assembled from various objects he finds amusing or entertaining. “I’ve always done this, since I was a kid,” he says. “I have boxes at home organized from first grade through senior year of high school filled with knickknacks. Because they all contain memories, I’m afraid to throw anything out!”

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A black woman wearing four hats with a purple tie died backdrop.
Ryan loves to collect hats. To get the blue one (displayed on top of the stack) she endured three different lines at the Supreme on Lafayette Street and snagged the last one in the store. Photo by Sam Morgan.

24th Street Residence
Ryan Cosbert (BFA Fine Arts, first-year student) is originally from Brooklyn, but spent most of her childhood in Virginia Beach. She’s happy to be back in New York City, now that she’s attending SVA and living at the 24th Street Residence. “It’s never boring here,” she says. “There are always events going on, hosted by the RAs (resident assistants), and there’s common space for hanging out.”

SVA Features: SVA Style: Cribs

Learn more about the 24th Street Residence through Ryan and our new SVA Cribs video below. For more info on SVA housing, housing tours and more, click here. More features found in SVA's Style mag can be found here.

SVA Features: SVA Cribs: Take A Peek At The 24th Street Residence
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