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SVA Portfolios: Five Most-Discussed Projects of June 2018
June 25, 2018 by Danielle Peters

The June roundup of the top five most-discussed projects from SVA Portfolios includes a well detailed and interactive website for Pharell Williams, a set of abstract illustrations used for packaging design and a graphically-driven Mondo vinyl package for the Netflix original series Marvel: The Defenders.

5) <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/feifeiruan" target="_blank">Feifei Ruan</a> (MFA 2015 Visual Narrative), <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/gallery/65994201/Illo-YIWU" target="_blank">YI WU</a>

5) Feifei Ruan (MFA 2015 Visual Narrative), YI WU

4) <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/johnnydombrowski" target="_blank">Johnny Dombrowski</a> (BFA 2010 Illustration), <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/gallery/65401329/Mondo-The-Defenders" target="_blank">Mondo The Defenders</a>

4) Johnny Dombrowski (BFA 2010 Illustration), Mondo The Defenders

3) <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/aliciamartin" target="_blank">Alicia Martin</a> (MFA 2013 Computer Art), <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/gallery/61305241/Some-Kind-of-Coffee-Co" target="_blank">Some Kind of Coffee Co.</a>

3) Alicia Martin (MFA 2013 Computer Art), Some Kind of Coffee Co.

2) <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/chibirmingham" target="_blank">Chi Birmingham</a> (MFA 2011 Illustration as Visual Essay), <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/gallery/59723209/Illustration-Roundup-2017" target="_blank">Illustration Roundup: 2017</a>

2) Chi Birmingham (MFA 2011 Illustration as Visual Essay), Illustration Roundup: 2017

1) <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/talmidyan" target="_blank">Tal Midyan</a> (BFA 2013 Advertising), <a href="http://portfolios.sva.edu/gallery/66336075/PharrellWilliamscom" target="_blank">PharrellWilliams.com</a>

1) Tal Midyan (BFA 2013 Advertising), PharrellWilliams.com

For the five most-discussed projects of May 2018, click here. The Portfolios network is free to all SVA alumni, faculty members and degree-seeking students (members can add projects here).