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SVA Portfolios: Five Most-Discussed Projects of March 2021
April 5, 2021
A illustration of a person sitting in a small boat and looking at their laptop. The boat appears to be backing into the open jaws of a gigantic shark.
Credit: Rafael Alvarez

As always, this latest roundup of the most-discussed projects from SVA Portfolios has made for a collection of inspiring and impressive art and design. This edition, comprising the top posts for March 2021, includes a horror graphic novel, a parasite museum proposal and an illustration and animation portfolio sorted by color palette.

An illustration of a person and several birds almost fully submerged in dark and turbulent waters.
Credit: Feifei Ruan
A text- and abstract-image-based logo for a fictional "Parasite Museum."
Credit: Jocelyn Tsaih

4. Jocelyn Tsaih (BFA 2015 Design), Parasite Museum concept art.

A finely detailed illustration of a number of birds in profile, and one bird–person hybrid wearing a bird-like mask.
Credit: Rovina Cai
A fantasy- or medieval-world illustration of two figures with swords standing in front of a tree shedding its leaves. The figure on the right is wearing armor and kneeling before the figure on the left, who wears a dress and a crown.
Credit: Kevin Hong
An illustration of an adult and child being guided by Mickey Mouse through a Disney theme park. In the foreground, a number of people and Star Wars characters ride a train-themed roller-coaster.
Credit: Rafael Alvarez

1. Rafael Alvarez (MFA 2012 Illustration as Visual Essay), Color Boost!

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