SVA Student a Finalist in Coca-Cola and Regal Films Competition

Ameer Kazmi’s script was one of three selected from over 100 scripts

July 28, 2016
A close up photograph of a young man's face with glasses
A man wearing glasses is looking at the camera.  He is wearing a black shirt and a pinky ring.

Ameer Kazmi, BFA Film 2017, has been selected by The Coca-Cola Company and Regal Films as one of three finalists to receive $15,000 to create a 30-second spot celebrating the movie going experience.

Each script was judged based on creativity, creative fit to theme and tone, and entertainment value. The three finalists each received $15,000 for production and post-production costs, and have until September 12 to submit their completed films. Finalist film entries will be viewed and judged by the “Red Ribbon Panel” of industry experts. Films will be judged on technical aspects, as well as idea and creativity. The winning film will run in all 567 Regal locations nationwide immediately before the start of the feature movie, beginning on or about October 27.

Ameer Kazmi is a native New Yorker living in Queens—the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. He is a directing student who is equally at home with the camera in his hands. He has done 10 music videos, four short films and worked on numerous other films for colleagues. “I draw inspiration from my experiences in the neighborhoods, from people who rarely have their stories told,” he says. “Because I have the opportunity to speak through film, I want to be a voice for my whole community.” He is also one of five students who participated in Building Bridges, a program that brings film, media and theatre students from two American and three European Union universities together to create news ways of collaborating on art.

“I feel like there is so much more I want to explore in the arts,” says Kazmi. “I’ve always thought of myself as a filmmaker, but there are other ways to tell stories—and maybe some of the unheard stories I want to tell will be louder in clearer in other media. I just want to keep creating.”

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