SVA Student Work Lines NYCxDesign Windows Exhibition
May 19, 2021 by Maeri Ferguson
Kaitlin Aurora.
Credit: Kaitlin Aurora.

As part of NYCxDesign Design Days—a showcase for NYC’s talented design community—SVA has partnered with the Madison Ave BID, ArtsThread and Design Pavilion’s WINDOWS Open to the Sky, for a new exhibition of student work, on view through the end of the month. SVA is displaying nearly 100 pieces of student artwork in multiple locations along Madison Avenue, and at 75 Rockefeller Plaza (through August).

These student artists from China, India, Korea, Syria, Seattle, New York and more—part of Kevin O’Callaghan’s 3D Design and Dr. Carol Bentel’s BFA Interior Design: Built Environments programs—have created pieces that speak to a city coming back from the COVID-19 pandemic. You'll find window displays at 698 & 700 Madison Avenue (62nd-63rd Streets); 777, 779 & 781 Madison Avenue (66th-67th Streets); 926 Madison Avenue (73rd-74th Streets); 966 Madison Avenue (75th-76th Streets) and 1015 Madison Avenue (78th-79th Streets). In a year lacking in physical exhibition opportunities for young artists, this is a particularly significant moment.

Beautifying these formerly vacant windows generously donated by the landlords along this stretch of Manhattan, “Healing Soles” uses shoes as the medium to represent moving forward; “Special Delivery” features bikes that “deliver” positive messages to those in need; “City Slickers” finds antique sleds transformed into modern NYC vehicles. 

The Interior Design: Built Environments projects are displayed on banners showcasing thesis work grounded in research and investigating topics such as biophilic design, historic preservation and the future of retail. With the special project “A HOME for the HOMELESS,” students demonstrate that design can advance the built-world we live in and solve many of the pressing issues of our day. These innovative designs look at the road back to a life after homelessness or incarceration, and particularly, a re-entry into childcare. Students took on the challenge of creating a “home” for 20 single parents and their children, and all that entails. The ideas are powerful and progressive. 

Check out some of the images below and make sure to take a walk along the avenue to see this compelling and uplifting work.