SVA Style Launches With A Love For Shoes

Cool sneakers, blinged-out boots, sky-high heels. SVA students′ style starts on their feet.

February 06, 2018
A pair of black sneakers decorated using bright colors. The front is a cartoon animal with a big mustache and the sides are random patterns.
A school flyer highlighting students footwear.

The latest issue of SVA Style is here, and for our spring edition, we focused on footwear. SVA students are displaying their personal style from the bottom-up in vintage sneakers, thigh-high boots, Doc Martens in every shade and pattern, and more.

SVA’s Visual Arts Press sent out their social media intern Penny Sachdeva armed with a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera, to put her head down and scout out awesome shoes worn by SVA students. Penny knows her stuff too. She has over 70 pairs of shoes herself. “I would walk up to people and say ‘I love your shoes! Do you mind if I take a picture?’ Some people were really enthusiastic and said, ‘Oh, sure!’ and some people were weirded out by it at first—but no one said no! Everyone was happy about it in the end.”

Check out some of the shoes presented on the cover of SVA Style, below.

SVA Features: Shoe- Style Magazine
The shoes have flowers and stripes.
“These shoes are such a unique and sentimental piece of my heart! The bottoms are tires; they get great mileage!” Julianna Twine, BFA Visual & Critical Studies
A person,s leg  by attractive shoe
“Out of all the shoes I own, these are my favorite. I’ll be wearing the until they literally fall apart.” Oli Tangen, BFA Animation

More from the magazine soon. In the meantime, head over to our Instagram channel to see more of the shoes Penny shot or pick up a physical copy of the issue old-school style in and around campus.

Image of lady in black with red hair making horns with her high heels.
Footwear photographer Penny Sachdeva.