Voices @ SVA: BFA Animation Student Cheryl Okonkwo
June 14, 2019
An image of Cheryl Okonkwo for Voices @ SVA
An image of Cheryl Okonkwo for Voices @ SVA

Over the next few weeks, SVA will be highlighting students in our Voices series and having them share a bit about themselves as they finish up their second year. This week, we spoke to Cheryl Okonkwo is a BFA Animation undergraduate originally from Georgia.

”In my Animation class this semester we worked on a music video. We didn’t have to have it completed by the end of the semester, but I think I want to make it a summer project. I’m excited to finish it. We watched a lot of examples in class. Some musicians give animation studios a lot of free rein on concepts. The visuals may not entirely match the song, but they’re both amazing.

I’ve been trying to learn a different instrument every summer. Last year was the ukulele. This summer, I ordered a kalimba, which is a little thumb piano. I’m interested in people who are multidisciplinary, especially visual artists who know music. I played clarinet in band for seven years, so I already have that foundation. I want to make music and make art—make something that can bring these together.”

Find out more about Cheryl Okonkwo on her website and her Instagram.