Voices @ SVA: BFA Fine Arts Student Sophia Santella
August 06, 2019
An image of Sophia Santella for Voices @ SVA
An image of Sophia Santella for Voices @ SVA
BFA Fine Arts student Sophia Santella.

Over the last few weeks, SVA has highlighted students in our Voices series—asking them about their experiences and having them share a bit about themselves as they prepare for their third year at the College. This week, we’re featuring Sophia Santella, a Fine Arts undergraduate from Long Island, NY.

”I took three painting classes this semester. I’ve changed a lot stylistically this year by not being confined by representing reality. For a while, I wanted to learn how to be technically competent, to figure out color and how to portray things well. I feel like I have accomplished that part, so now I can branch out more—know the rules so I can break them.

My instructor Peter Hristoff, had us make 100 drawings on the first day of class. Once you’re really into it, you steal things from what you do in gesture drawing and it slowly evolves into your work. Being around other students helps, too. When you’re alone, it’s just you and the canvas. When you’re around other artists, looking at what they’re creating makes you want to explore more. And going to the Whitney and other museums and looking at different work, realizing art doesn’t have to be so figurative. It’s been an exciting time.”

Find out more about Sophia Santella on her website and her Instagram.