Voices @ SVA: BFA Interior Design Student Yearin Park
July 19, 2019
An image of Yearin Park for Voices @ SVA
An image of Yearin Park for Voices @ SVA
BFA Interior Design student Yearin Park.

Over the next few weeks, SVA will be highlighting students in our Voices series and having them share a bit about themselves as they prepare for their third year. This week, we’re featuring Yearin Park, an Interior Design undergraduate from Washington state.
”The new [BFA Interior Design] chair, Carol Bentel, recommended that I participate on a project she collaborated on with [3D Design chair] Kevin O’Callaghan this year called Chairousel. It’s really cool. The creative part of the project is outside of what I usually do. I’ve gotten to learn about how to better balance my time. It’s a lot of work to do on top of school, but it also gets my brain going—working on something more in the fine arts realm, more sculptural.
Outside of class, I like to go to concerts. Sometimes I go to Broadway shows. I finally saved up money to see Hamilton. I also just like to walk around the city and explore places I haven’t been to, go to restaurants. I love K-Town and the East Village for food. I am looking to focus on what kind of interior design I want to do. Stage design has caught my eye from going to shows and concerts. I’m also interested in retail and restaurant interior design. I want the spaces I design to have people use them. I want them to not even notice the design so much, just that the space is fun and comfortable.”
Find out more about Yearin Park on her Instagram.