Watch the ‘Bonkers’ Trailer for SVA Alumnus Dash Shaw’s Debut Movie
February 22, 2017
Old guy and his family. Looks like ours.
SVA Features: Watch the ‘Bonkers’ Trailer for SVA Alumnus Dash Shaw’s Debut Film
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From Nerdist: “Being a teenager isn’t exactly the easiest time in anyone’s life, because during those formative years even the smallest setbacks can make it feel like the entire world is falling apart around you. But at least (we hope) the ground beneath your feet didn’t literally start to break apart back then, like it does in the new, awesome-looking animated film My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea, which feels like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, and the ghost of John Hughes got together and dropped acid.

The surreal trailer for animator Dash Shaw’s debut movie (which we loved) makes high school look like a despondent hellscape full of twisted and vile monstrosities that prey on the weak. So it’s true to life. In the film high school sophomore Dash, voiced by Jason Schwartzman, struggles as his best friend and fellow school newspaper reporter Assaf, played by Reggie Watts, begins a relationship with their other friend and editor, Maya Rudolph’s Verti…” (continue reading)