Zackary Drucker on 'Relationship,' the Book [video]
May 31, 2016 by Ken Switzer
Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst

At the Whitney Biennial 2014 one of the most discussed installations was Relationship, the collaborative photographic project of Zackary Drucker (BFA 2005 Photography) and Rhys Ernst. In the words of the Whitney, the series offered an “intimate and diaristic record of their relationship as a transgender couple whose bodies are transitioning in opposite directions.” The New York Times called the work “extremely provocative.” Now Relationship is a book.

This month Prestel Publishing releases Relationship, which documents Drucker and Ernst’s six-year relationship through photographs, video stills, letters and ephemera. SVA caught up with Drucker to ask her about the project, participating in the Biennial and the release of her new book.

SVA Features: Zackary Drucker on 'Relationship,' the Book [video]
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On June 9, Drucker and Ernst, who currently serve as producers for the critically acclaimed series Transparent, will be in conversation at the Strand Bookstore in New York City with Stuart Comer, chief curator of the department of media and performance art at The Museum of Modern Art. Comer was co-curator of the Whitney Biennial 2014. Also included in the conversation will be author, playwright, performance artist and gender theorist, Kate Bornstein.