A photograph of two cards. The one on the left has 8 circle-shaped drawings of various food items, including a bisected pomegranate, a bisected apple, a jar of honey, a bowl of soup, a dish with meat on it, a swirl-shaped bowl, another dish with food on it, and a bundt cake. Above the drawings it reads "L'shana Tova!"On the right, the card features a drawing of a bisected pomegranate with the phrase "L'shana Tova!" around it
Jennifer Rozbruch

This Sunday is the first day of Rosh Hashanah, a two-day observation ushering in the beginning of the Jewish year and celebrating the creation of the world. Jennifer Rozbruch (MFA 2013 Design) designed these two Rosh Hashanah cards exclusively for the The Jewish Museum Shop. Check out more of her designs for the shop here