UPDATE: For students interested in Fall internships, we anticipate that employers will offer both remote internships and on-site internships when it is safe to do so. Fall internships-for-credit are supervised by Career Development, and the application cycle will take place from September 1 through October 2, 2020. For more information, please visit this page or email

SVA Career Development manages the College’s Internship for Credit Program, allowing qualified juniors, seniors and graduate students to gain hands-on experience working with creative professionals.

All applications must be submitted through SVA's CareerLink portal during the designated application cycle for each semester. Please review the guides — available under the Resources section of this page — before submitting an internship application.

The Application Period for the Summer 2020 semester has closed. The Application Period for Fall 2020 internships will run from September 1 through October 2. Please check back to this page for a more detailed Fall 2020 schedule later this summer.

The following video is from the Info Session for the Summer 2020 application period. While the dates cited will change for next semester, the general information remains the same to date. (June 2020)