Meet our BFA Cartooning students David, Alex and Cathi! 01:28

Students David Abrevaya, Alex Graudins and Cathi Chavers discuss their experiences in the BFA Cartooning Department at SVA. Video credits: Art directors: Eric Corriel, Michael J. Walsh Director/producer: Melanie Wainberg Producer/interviewer: Tam Gryn Editing supervisor: Eric Corriel Director of photography: Jose Gregorio De Franca Sound mixer: Alex Herboche Camera operator: Praveen Elankumaran Editors: Oui Collective, Melanie Wainberg, Jose Gregorio De Franca Motion graphics designer: Masha Vainblat Sound designer: Pablo Estacio Photographer (motion graphics): Bobby Doherty All artwork by SVA students.
Find out what makes each undergrad department unique from their chair, faculty and students

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