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Degree Requirements

To earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design, students must complete 120 credits, including all required courses, with a basic distribution of at least: 

  • 75 credits in studio art courses that carry a prefix of ADD, AND, CFD, CID, CVD, DSD, FID, IDD, ILD, PHD, SDD, SMD, VND, or VSD.
  • 30 credits in humanities and sciences courses that carry a prefix of HCD, HDD, HHD, HLD, HPD, HSD, HWD or VHD.
  • 15 credits in art history courses that carry a prefix of AHD or VCD.

Students are required to complete one designated 3-credit course in each of the following areas: history (HHD prefix), literature (HLD prefix), social sciences (HPD prefix), and science (HSD prefix), unless transfer of credit has been awarded. These courses may only be chosen from the specified core curriculum listed in this book as section “R.”  All degree candidates must pass the Proficiency Examination. Please refer to the general humanities and sciences requirements as outlined at the beginning of the humanities and sciences section of this book.

Students must successfully pass a departmental evaluation of studio work at the end of the fourth year, to be conducted either by faculty committee or by the chair. All students who matriculate in one of the College’s undergraduate degree programs must complete their degree within eight years, unless given an official extension by the director of academic advisement.

In addition, students must meet all academic and administrative requirements of the BFA Interior Design Department.

  • First-Year Requirements

  • Second-Year Requirements

  • Third-Year Requirements

  • Fourth-Year Requirements

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