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Student Health & Counseling Services Provide Mental Health Tips for The School Year
August 27, 2021
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Coming back to school during COVID-19 can seem stressful or scary. Here are some tips from SVA Student Health and Counseling Services for how to take care of yourself during this time.

1. Remember the things that are in your control.

With this pandemic, there have been many things we can’t control, like quarantine, not being able to be in person for classes and fear of contracting COVID-19. Focus on the things you can control, like taking care of your health (washing hands, social distancing, eating well), reaching out to your support system and creating a flexible schedule and routine for yourself.

2. Become familiar with resources.

Many resources can help you adjust to being back at SVA and back in NYC. Become familiar with where to find them and how they work. You can find these resources on our website or via our Linktree: https://linktr.ee/svastudenthealth 

3. Accessible environments can be therapeutic. 

Take advantage of serene public spaces, including parks, waterfronts, High Line, Little Island and Governor’s Island—and don’t forget your COVID-19 vaccination card.

4. Make time for the things that sustain you.

Give yourself time to make meals, take walks, exercise. While it may feel like you don’t have time, these are actually the activities that give you the emotional and physical energy to do your work.

5. Don’t neglect your sleep.

Sometimes we sacrifice rest when trying to attain a goal, complete a task or meet a deadline. Remember that getting enough sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system, managing our moods and emotions, problem-solving and learning. For artists and creatives, it is crucial to prioritize sleep to ensure that you have the precision, dexterity, concentration and stamina needed to do the best work possible.

6. Connect with your community.

Be on the lookout for programming offered by different offices and groups in the school and get involved. Check out SVA Today for happenings at SVA and around NYC. 

7. Stay healthy.

Physical and mental health are equally important to a successful school year, from washing your hands to staying home when you’re sick, eating nutritious food and drinking plenty of water, meditation, talking to a friend or journaling.

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Contributors: Christine Gilchrist, Arielle Kempler, Mae Ferguson