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Biannual editions of the Visual Arts Journal, produced by Visual Arts Press.

Visual Arts Journal is the magazine of the School of Visual Arts. Published twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, the Journal covers recent and upcoming projects by SVA community members, SVA news, notable alumni and trends and topics in art, design, filmmaking, photography and their related fields. The magazine is produced by SVA External Relations and designed by the Visual Arts Press. 

To contact the editors of the Visual Arts Journal, write to extrelations@sva.edu.

Fall/Winter 2019

Journal cover.
Credit: Cover art: “Conductor” (2019) by Trish Tillman (MFA 2009 Fine Arts). Vinyl, vegan leather, hardware, chain, wood and foam.

Spring 2019

Journal cover.

Sign painter and SVA alumnus Kurt McRobert at work in his Brooklyn studio.

Credit: Cover photo: Brittany Bartley (SVA alumnus).

Fall 2018

Journal cover.
Credit: Cover art: “Fox Plaza Inferno” (2007) by Gary Simmons. Pigment, oil paint and cold wax on canvas. Courtesy of Gary Simmons and Metro Pictures, New York.

Spring 2018

Journal cover.
Credit: Cover art: “Diamond Power!” (2011) by Scott Bakal. Acrylic and ink on canvas.

Spring 2017

Journal cover.
Credit: Cover art: Courtesy of Carl Titolo. Sketchbook detail, undated.

Spring 2017

Journal cover.
Credit: Cover art: Photo-drawing for the Blueprint coworking space in Hong Kong (2014) by Christoph Neiman.

Fall 2016

The cover of Visual Arts Journal's Fall 2016 edition.
Credit: Cover art: “Higher Ground” (2015) by Kate Gilmore. Installation view; site-specific performance.