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Biannual editions of the Visual Arts Journal, produced by Visual Arts Press.

Visual Arts Journal is the magazine of the School of Visual Arts. Published twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, the Journal covers recent and upcoming projects by SVA community members, SVA news, notable alumni and trends and topics in art, design, filmmaking, photography and their related fields. The magazine is produced by SVA External Relations and designed by the Visual Arts Press. 

To contact the editors of the Visual Arts Journal, write to extrelations@sva.edu.

Fall/Winter 2020

A magazine cover featuring a realistic portrait painting of a woman facing the viewer, with her arms crossed over her head. The background features several colorful motifs.
Credit: Kira Nam Greene
  • An interview with Curtis creator and alumnus Ray Billingsley
  • Remembering the legendary designer and longtime SVA faculty member Milton Glaser
  • SVA Archives’ new COVID Collection
  • A photo-essay of Mumbai in lockdown
  • Portraits of women “in possession of good fortune,” by artist and alumnus Kira Nam Greene

Spring/Summer 2020

A magazine cover featuring a semi-abstract color painting of many obscure figures gathered together in what appears to be a field, under a blue sky.
Credit: Ali Banisadr and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris, London, Salzburg. Photo: Jeffrey Sturges.

Fall/Winter 2019

A magazine cover featuring a color photograph of a lightning-bolt shaped sculpture against a blank background. The sculpture incorporates a variety of fabrics and a chain.
Credit: Trish Tillman

Spring 2019

A magazine cover featuring a photograph of a sign painter at work. He is painting the magazine's title on a pane of glass between himself and the camera.
Credit: Kurt McRobert/Brittany Bartley

Fall 2018

A magazine cover featuring a red-and-white painting of an isolated high-rise building, viewed from below. The white paint used to render the building is streaked, giving the appearance of the building being on fire or collapsing.
Credit: Gary Simmons and Metro Pictures, New York

Spring 2018

A magazine cover featuring an illustration of a small figure holding up a large jewel, from which a number of colorful rays are emanating into a field of circular shapes.
Credit: Scott Bakal

Spring 2017

A magazine cover featuring a colorful page from an artist's sketchbook that is filled with notes and drawings of various architectural details and observations from life.
Credit: Carl Titolo

Spring 2017

A magazine cover featuring a color photograph of a coastal cityscape. An illustration of a man stepping over buildings and into the water is drawn on the photograph.
Credit: Christoph Neimann

Fall 2016

A magazine cover featuring a color photograph of a house's exterior wall. In each of the two downstairs windows, you can see a woman on a swing.
Credit: Kate Gilmore